Our philosophy

At Mediterranea Belfiore we do not let ourselves be influenced particularly by production efficiency but rather concentrate on preparing our products with the same care and love as that of a craftsman whose source of pride has always been quality.
Living this philosophy we process raw materials coming from selected farms, favouring those with an organic certification for all of the tomatoes and most other ingredients.
We do not use semi-finished products but selected fresh vegetables, chilli peppers and herbs and we only use extra virgin olive oil for our pickles and vegetable spreads.
The growing consensus amongst those consumers, who tasted and appreciated our products because of their “difference”, is proof that our choice is the right one.



The selection of high quality tomatoes for our “Sweetheart Sauces” (Salse del Cuore) begins in the very same crop fields by choosing the most suitable organic soils, the best sun exposure and the best varieties. In the height of summer, favouring the sweetness as the best characteristic for a ripe tomato, tomatoes are harvested using mechanical means, and then they are processed within the following twenty-four hours.


To keep all the freshness and fragrance of perfectly ripe and fresh-picked vegetables, processing must take place as soon as possible. After several rounds of washings, tomatoes are manually selected and immediately turned into juice, pulp or sauce, undergoing short cooking times and at low temperatures; that is essential to preserve their aroma. Even the other ingredients such as garlic, onion, carrot, celery and chilli are always fresh; in particular basil is grown by us with great care and harvested by Renza with loving care every hour and then manually added to each container.




Our mouth-watering delicacies with vegetables are prepared with our usual care and attention in preserving the freshness and authenticity of the raw materials with the exclusive use of extra virgin olive oil that makes them true gourmet specialities.
Grilled vegetables, peppers, aubergines, courgettes, dried tomatoes, olives, mushrooms and mixed vegetable pickles, sweet, sour or spicy, are varied and original recipes with simple ingredients, completely natural and organic.
Our creativity is also stimulated by the seasonal harvest, which is turned into original and always different recipes, which we invite you to discover.


The best “Morelli Toscani” organic artichokes are the protagonists of our pickles. They are carefully harvested by hand in the early morning. Directly from the fields, artichokes come to the factory where they are processed within the following twenty-four hours with all the necessary care and know-how of traditional processing. Only trimming is done by machine, then manually browsed, briefly boiled in water and vinegar and patiently put one by one in glass jars and filled with extra virgin olive oil.



For our pesto we have changed the relationship between the classic ingredients: parmigiano cheese, strictly “stravecchio” (matured), is the main element of our recipe, which matches well with the fragrance of our “precious” basil, high-quality pine nuts, a little garlic and the excellent extra virgin olive oil. A mix of natural ingredients for a tasty and refined product that satisfies the most demanding palates.


Open a jar…. an intense, unmistakable scent of basil, parmigiano cheese and extra virgin olive oil will invade and tantalize your senses and you will not resist the temptation to dip a finger in the jar! And then taste it without hesitating, close your eyes and enjoy its creaminess, the strong taste, savour the aroma, distinguish the freshest ingredients and discover a pure product, unpasteurized that, for this reason, should be stored in the fridge even before opening.

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