Pesto del Cuore


For our pesto we have changed the relationship between the classic ingredients: parmigiano cheese, strictly “stravecchio” (matured), is the main element of our recipe, which matches well with the fragrance of our “precious” basil, high-quality pine nuts, a little garlic and the excellent extra virgin olive oil. A mix of natural ingredients for a tasty and refined product that satisfies the most demanding palates.


Open a jar …. an intense, unmistakable scent of basil, parmigiano cheese and extra virgin olive oil will invade and tantalize your senses and you will not resist the temptation to dip a finger in the jar! And then taste it without hesitating, close your eyes and enjoy its creaminess, the strong taste, savour the aroma, distinguish the freshest ingredients and discover a pure product, unpasteurized that, for this reason, should be stored in the fridge even before opening.

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