The flavours of the Ciarlo Family


The best “Morelli Toscani” organic artichokes are the protagonists of our pickles. They are carefully harvested by hand in the early morning. Directly from the fields, artichokes come to the factory where they are processed within the following twenty-four hours with all the necessary care and know-how of traditional processing. Only trimming is done by machine, then manually browsed, briefly boiled in water and vinegar and patiently put one by one in glass jars and filled with extra virgin olive oil.


Our mouth-watering vegetable delicacies are carefully prepared focusing on the preservation of freshness and the characteristics of the raw materials which thanks to the exclusive use of extra virgin olive oil are true gourmet specialities.
Grilled vegetables, peppers, eggplant, zucchini, dried tomatoes, olives, mushrooms and mixed vegetable pickle, sweet and sour or spicy and vegetable spreads are the various and original recipes with simple natural and organic ingredients.
Our creativity is also stimulated by the seasonal harvests in the surrounding countryside, which turns ideas into ever new recipes to be tasted.

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